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This section includes downloadable Royal Photographic Society Procedural Documents, Annual Reports and Charter Rules By Laws
The Society's coat of armsThe way The Society operates is specified in a number of formal documents, not least the Royal Charter granted to it in 2004. These can be seen in the relevant sub-menu, right

In addition, The Society has since 1854 published an Annual Report which summarises its activities and the state of its finances. 

Other areas of the website describe the relationship and composition of The Society's Trustees, staff, committees, and volunteers. 

For more information about any aspect of how The Society is run please email: director@rps.org 


Our Charter, Rules & By-Laws 

The Society operates under a Royal Charter granted to it by Her Majesty the Queen on the advice of the Privy Council on 12 July 2004. The Charter states the objectives of the Society and the way it is run.

The By-Laws - The By-Laws set out the general way The Society is governed. Revised and approved on 29 September 2018.

The Rules - The Rules are made under Section 16 of the Charter of The Royal Photographic Society. They form part of the management procedures and determine the day-to-day way The Society is run. Revised and approved on 30 September 2017. The Charter and By-Laws of The Society prevail if there is conflict in meaning or instruction. 

Strategic Plan 2018-2023

The Society's strategic plan can be seen here.

Annual Reports

The Society is required to submit its Annual Report and Accounts to the United Kingdom's Charity Commission. The Commission's website provides some graphical analysis of The Society's accounts which may be useful. The Society's charity number is 1107831 and the Charity Commission's website can be found by clicking the link here. Recent Society Annual Reports and Accounts can be found below:

2017 2018

Procedural Documents

The Society's Procedural documents are split into three types: Distinctions (DP), Financial (FP) and Management (MP) and Forms (MF). Each document is available below. 

FP001 Finance Delegation and Control - General Procedures - Issue 4
FP002 Finance Delegation and Control - Investments - Issue 2 
FP003 Finance Delegation and Control - Regions and Groups - Issue 6

MF003 Expenses Claim Form 2017 - Issue 7
MF007 Code of Practice for Electronic Communications - Issue 2
MF012 Website Conditions of Use - Issue 2
MF016 Accident Report Form - Issue 3

MP001 Management Manual - Issue 5
MP003 Regulations and Guidelines for Regions - Issue 5
MP004 Regulations and Guidelines for Groups - Issue 6
MP005 Regulations and Guidelines for Overseas Chapters - Issue 2
MP007 Complaints Procedure - Issue 3
MP008 Volunteer Policy - Issue 3
MP009 RPS Brand Identity - Issue 1
MP010 Risk Management Guide - Issue 2
MP011 Code of Conduct for Members - October 2018
MP012 Code of Conduct for Members of Council - Issue 3
MP013 Model Group Constitution - Issue 1
MP014 Awards Rules and Guidelines - Issue 2
MP016 Public Relation Policy - Issue 1

DP001 Fellowship Board - Issue 7 November 15
DP002 Panel Assessment - Issue 5
DP003 Guidelines for Distinctions Advisory and Review Days - Issue 4 November 15
DP006 Distinctions Requirements for the Direct Route to Fellowship - Issue 5 November 15
DP009 Distinctions Role and Responsibilities - Issue 2 November 15
DP010 Distinctions Referral and Resubmission - Issue 2 November 15
DP011 Distinctions Panel Membership Selection and Training - Issue 1 November 15

* We are currently rewriting and updating the Distinctions documents. Publishing date: September 2019.


Anti-Fraud and Corruption policy
Privacy Policy
Risk Assessment
Safeguarding Guidelines
Staff Organisation Chart