2013 Short Film Award Winners

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2013 RPS Cinematography Award Winner

'A Thing' by Chintan Gohil (above):

This wooden thing, made on lathe machine is part of an assembly for a bed rest. Objects like these, handcrafted pieces of art (!) are made everyday by artisans all over the world and go completely unnoticed. For the artisans themselves, it is simply about day-to-day survival and livelihoods. This film, a part of an ongoing series, attempts to record art in everyday life.

About Chintan Gohil:

Chintan Gohil is a documentary filmmaker and an architect. Her interests range from environmental activism to research on traditional crafts. Through her work in the field of filmmaking as well as architecture, she attempts to communicate some the important issues that affect us on an individual as well as on a global level.

2013 Overall Winner DepicT! Short Film Award

'Cool Unicorn Bruv' by Ninian Doff (which is part funded by the RPS) below:

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Chintan Gohil

Chintan Gohil - Recipient of the 2013 Cinematography Award

From Volume 153, No. 9 of RPS Journal February 2014

Chintan Gohil, recipient of the 2013 Cinematography Award.

Feb 2014
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