2014 Short Film Award Winners

Challenging filmmakers across the world to create a masterpiece in just a minute-and-a-half...

2014 RPS Cinematography Award Winner

'The Peace of Wild Things' by Adam DJ Laity (above):

This autobiographical film follows a man’s journey into nature as he searches for balance in his life, and is based on the poem by Wendell Berry.

Adam says "The DepicT! competition is the perfect challenge for a short filmmaker- create a stand alone film that lasts for 90 seconds, but  the impact of which should be much longer lasting.

I'm a DP, so I knew that the RPS had been supporting the competition  last year, and when I was making THE PEACE OF WILD THINGS for the  competition I knew that the RPS Cinematography Award was the one I  was really aiming at.

To actually win it was so exciting, because it meant that my film had been picked from nearly 600 films specifically for the cinematographic content.

To have such a respected body as the RPS, along with the incredible talent of someone like Robbie Ryan, BSC even look at my film was a thrill, but to get such warm and encouraging feedback from them was incredible.

RPS representative and master DP Robbie himself took time to talk with me a little and let ask him some questions about his own work- with Andrea Arnold, Sally Potter, Ken Loach, Stephen Frears as well as his continued work on many shorts. He was so open and funny and reminded me that a DP needs to have a great sense of humour and the ability to remain calm in moments of great stress. He was really inspiring and this access was only possible with the support of the RPS.

The £1000 prize money has gone straight away on camera equipment (including the new Metabones Speed Booster to adapt EF lenses to the MFT Panasonic GH4) and so has enabled me to extend the range of lenses I can use with my latest camera. This is massive- it's literally quadrupled what is possible for me with my own kit, so that's invaluable.

And the timing of the award was also amazing- I'm about to start a practice-based PhD in the use of landscape in cinematography, so I'm carrying the energy of the award and the festival buzz with me into this new exciting time in my career.

I'm very grateful to the RPS for their continued support."

About Adam DJ Laity:

Adam DJ Laity is a cinematographer and filmmaker living and working in the South West of England.  He has written, directed, shot and edited many shorts inspired by the folklore and mythology of that part of the world, and is currently specialising in landscape cinematography and its emotional impact on the viewer.

Laity’s approach to cinematography is to work hard and to involve himself on a project visually on every level, lighting minimally and always shooting to grade his own work with a diligent and painterly eye.

He is also a passionate researcher and academic, presenting his work in film essay form to enable the open source and accessible sharing of knowledge.

2014 Overall Winner Depict Short Film Award

'Carpark' by Ant Blades (which is part funded by the RPS) below:

A simple shopping trip goes horribly wrong in this comical short.

About Ant Blades:

Ant is an animator and director at Bird Box Studio.