2015 Short Film Award Winners

The RPS is delighted to be working with Watershed and DepicT! in offering an award for the best cinematography amongst its shortlisted films. We feel it’s important to recognise this swiftly changing and influential medium by helping and supporting up and coming film makers.

2015 RPS Cinematography Award Winner

'The Factory' by Thomas Phelan, George Lewis, Jack O'dowd, James Hambleton-Plumb and Isaac Jack McCardle (above):

Featuring John Ward and John Moraitis

Synopsis - An ominous factory overlooks a once prosperous town, now reduced to a wasteland. An old man ruminates about the factorys hold on the world, and possibly himself.

'The Factory', which was influenced by Kafka, the films of David Cronenberg, Andrei Tarkovsky and John Carpenter, was produced for the Depict 2015 super-short film festival. From 700 entries it was short-listed for the final 20, eventually becoming the winner of the Royal Photographic Society Cinematography Award 2015.

It was made a by a collective of five filmmakers that operate under the name Workhouse. Thomas Phelan and Isaac McCardle are practicing film professionals. Jack O'dowd, George Lewis and James Hambleton-Plumb run a video production house in Bristol called Immix Media. The five met at the University West of England and graduated together in 2011.


Workhouse are currently in pre-production on their next project.


2015 Overall Winner Depict Short Film Award

'Hand Maid' by Karim Souissi, Robin Wijnhold and Reda Zniber (which is part funded by the RPS).

A day in the life of a Moroccan maid told through her hands:

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The Factory

The Factory

RPS Journal November 2015

Winner of the Cinematography Award in the DepicT! competition - The Factory by film-making collective Workhouse.

Nov 2015
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