The hidden art of landscape and architectural photography

24 November 2019

10:00 - 16:00

Whatton Jubilee Hall
Church Street
Whatton in the Vale
United Kingdom
NG13 9EL

Tel:0795 512 4000

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Professional Photographer, Derek Forss is visiting us to talk about his landscape and architectural photography, which I am sure will be of great interest to many members.

What stood out for me is how he has adapted his approach over the years to ensure his own health and safety is looked after, whilst still producing excellent work and not compromising on quality. He uses lightweight equipment, keeps his workflow simple (but well designed) and uses public transport to get around the country to some very remote places.


Derek has put together a very educational day for us:

The hidden art of landscape and architectural photography

1)   Introductory AV about Landscape and Architectural Photography.

2)   Preparations for a shoot, research, weather forecasting, wet weather alternatives.

3)   Essential gear for landscape and architectural photography, lenses, less is more, keep it simple!

4)   Take control, camera settings beyond Auto with post-production in mind: RAW, WB, EV, Metering.

5)   There is more to landscape photography than the ‘golden hour’!

6)                                            Lunch

7)   Cathedral and church interiors bedevilled by the curse of excessive contrast.

8)   ‘York at Night’ YouTube video.

9)   Cataloguing – the bit we hate and like to skip.

10)   Post-production - Lightroom and Photoshop adjustments with practical demos.

11)   Life after Death by PowerPoint! Putting a lecture together, whatever the software.

12)   Beyond the four walls of a camera club – Looking for a Worldwide Audience.

13)   Website, YouTube, Blurb even Facebook: technical requirements, music copyright, AdSense. Building an international audience for little outlay. Copyright.

14)   Q & A.

Derek's CV

Derek Forss commenced photography in 1959 with the purchase of an Agfa Silette camera, but it was not until 1976 that he obtained his first SLR film camera. He turned professional in 1979 and purchased a Hasselblad 500CM to start his own Picture Library of Landscape & Architectural scenes of the British Isles. Today he has more than 180,000 images, half of which are digital and reproduced by major publishing houses in quality books and magazines. When it comes to picture-taking Derek is a traditionalist. Whilst he keeps abreast of modern developments, he does not regard digital imaging as a substitute for poor photography. On a shoot he keeps his camera equipment at a minimum, particularly if it involves shank’s pony over mountain and moorland for many miles!

Derek is an 'Olympus Mentor' and organises Digital Photography Holidays for HF Holidays that have been featured on ITV. He has hosted Olympus Event Days with visits to the Bluebell Railway and Ely Cathedral. Derek has written articles for 'Outdoor Photography' magazine, ‘Amateur Photographer’ and ‘In Britain’. Autumn 2001 saw the publication by Countryside Books of ‘The Landscapes of Surrey’ (which has been reprinted twice), 2002 ‘Nottinghamshire: A Portrait in Colour’ and 2004 'Northamptonshire: The County in Colour'. He has also produced over a dozen books on a variety of landscape subjects using Blurb on-line publishing.

His lectures and audio-visual shows have been presented nationwide. He is expert with PowerPoint, raising the software above the jibe of ‘Death by PowerPoint’ with innovative productions by offering ‘Life after Death by PowerPoint’! He also has a YouTube channel with over 80 productions on photo-technique and places to photograph.

Music is his other passion and prior to becoming a photographer he worked for EMI Records in London for 15 years. His skills include the ability to read music, sing in a choir and to play the piano badly! Off duty he likes nothing more than a night at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and to get away from everything completely, much as he loves his own native Surrey, he concedes that there is no better place than the Lake District.

Click here for Derek's website


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