The RPS Dubai Chapter - Nature Macro Photography Workshop

04 October 2019

06:00 - 11:00

PO Box 9115, Latifa Hospital
Mail office
United Arab Emirates


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The RPS Dubai Chapter - Nature Macro Photography Workshop

Macro photography of nature explores the world upclose. Indeed there is a miniature world that surrounds us all the time, yet often goes unnoticed. This workshop helps you to tune your creative vision to see the tiny wonders and learn the how to photograph them. If you are intrigued by tiny world of insects and creepy crawlies, this workshop with Manu Reghurajan, ARPS, will help open your eyes to introspect it in a whole new way. 

Manu Reghurajan, ARPS is a highly qualified macro photographer and multiple award winner. He achieved his 'Associateship' in Nature photography with nature macro subjects and has since then exhibited worldwide, which includes a solo show in Dubai.

The workshop comprises field trip as well as an indoor session for presentation and review. This workshop is for both beginners as well as advanced members who want to learn the intricacies and approach for nature macro photography and push their quality to the next level.

Date: 4th October 2019


Field Trip - 6am to 8am 

Indoor Session - 9am to 11:00am

Meeting Point : ENOC Filling station along E311 near Ajman after the exit to Sharjah airport at 5.45am (see attached below).

Location of Photography is at Exit 86 which is hardly 10 minutes drive from the meeting point.

Location for Indoor session: D3 (specific location within D3 - Dubai Design District will be informed during field trip).

Equipment: DSLR camera, preferably a macro lens and tripod.

Optional: Flash, LED light and reflector.

Outdoor Session details: Field trip comprises demonstration of the technique, gudiance and practice.

Indoor session details: Breakfast, Presentation, Demo on basic processing, review of images taken, sharing of experience, discussion and presentation of certificates.

For Registrations: Contact - Boskee at 055 954 2809

Workshop is limited to 10 participants who register first.


Boskee Selarka
Email the event organiser
055 954 2809

Chapter: Dubai