Solar Flare

Solar flare


This dramatic image, captured by the orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory, shows one of the most active sunspot groups observed in the last few decades. Solar active region AR2192 was the source of six solar flares of the largest class (X-class) in October 2014. This image was gathered in extreme ultraviolet wavelengths - 193 ångstroms in blue, 171 ångstroms in white and 304 ångstroms in red (one ångstrom is a ten billionth of a metre). The UV light comes from highly ionised helium and iron atoms in the Sun’s outer atmosphere, and shows very clearly how the atoms congregate along the intense magnetic field lines. The rest of the Sun’s surface, so bright to our eyes, appears dark at such extreme wavelengths. This exceptionally sharp image was created by processing the raw data using special software called NAFE.

Image © NASA/SDO/AIA, processing by Miloslav Druckmuller


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