Star Formation

star formation


Observations made in submillimetre-wavelength light, also known as terahertz light, reveal the cold dusty clouds from which stars form in the Carina Nebula. This site of violent star formation, which plays host to some of the highest-mass stars in our galaxy, is an ideal arena in which to study the interactions between these young stars and their parent molecular clouds. The terahertz data are shown in yellow, and were gathered using a 12 metre dish telescope known as APEX. The Carina Nebula contains a mass of stars equivalent to over 25 000 Suns, with a total mass of gas and dust clouds equal to about 140,000 Suns. The nebula lies around 7500 light years from Earth.

Image © Terahertz: ESO/APEX/T. Preibisch et al., Visible: NOAO/AURA/NSF


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