Space Steps - Events

Talks, workshops and special events will be held over the duration of this fascinating show.
Please visit the page regularly as we are adding to the list all the time.

Night Sky Photography First Steps

Would you like to take some photographs of the night sky or the moon, but don’t know how or think your camera is not good enough, then come along and hear how to get started in taking these types of photographs.

31 August 2019, Bristol→

Space Fashion, Design and Culture

The purpose of this talk is to look at the designers and movements inspired by space exploration and the inventions and technology that we use today born from the research that enabled man to travel safely in space.

26th September 2019, Bristol→

Jo Bradford Constructing Space

In 2003, at the age of 31, photographer Jo Bradford finally accepted that she would never become an astronaut. Her talk explores the way the average human being can have their own personal connection with space, science and photography.

16th September 2019, Bristol→