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LISA POWERS, Photographic Artist:

I'm a French/Italian American Photographic Artist currently based in New Zealand. 

I've suffered and survived many years of self-employment,  alternating between lean years and huge financial successes as an award-winning freelance photographer in commercial advertising.  

I had no formal, scholastic training in photography, but learned heaps from studying, copying, and shamelessly stealing ideas from photo masters.  

In my mid-twenties, I was fortunate to have been hired as a janitor in a busy commercial photo studio in New York where I had access to all studio lighting equipment, cameras, film, and darkroom facilities after-hours. I "tested" with fashion models, and soon my photographs were getting noticed by art directors and I started getting professional commercial assignments. 

Recently, I left New York, stopped taking commercial assignments and began creating my photographic imagery as Fine Art.  

Photography, as I had learned it, completely changed with the digital camera and there was a lengthy period of adjustment (love/hate) for me.  I have since balanced the analogue with the digital and love experimenting with the combination. 

I've had a number of exhibitions and sell my images to hotels and other corporations, as well as private collectors. 

I live with my four kitties, and proudly accept the title of "Crazy Cat Lady"!  I'm 100% vegetarian/ 99% vegan. 

I'm active in Animal Rights causes, rally against factory farming, laboratory animal testing, boycott all SeaWorlds, zoos, and circuses that abuse animals for entertainment (I am NOT entertained), support and foster stray cats, and I have not OWNED nor watched TV for over 25 years!  For recreation, I read BOOKS, or go to art galleries or cinemas. 


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