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I have been creating images for over 40 years.  I started my journey in the 1970's with my SLR being a Minolta XD-7 purchased whilst I was working in a photography shop which also had a small studio and darkroom.  Here I had the pleasure of working with a talented photographer, who taught me the basics of composition, exposure control and developing.  Over the years I developed my passion for creating images that either captured the essence of a moment, the essence of a person or people or the essence of a place.  I have been a Canon user now for many years, moving to Canon when I was capturing lots of sports images as, at that time, Canon offered greater speed.  I have been an active member of my local Camera Club and in recent years have been developing my fieldcraft skills, and wildlife photography abilities, whilst also maintaiing my passion for people imagery.  My plan for 2018 is to expand my portfolio to include Landscape imagery and to further develop my post processing abilities.  I was always taught that the less time in a darkroom the better and have tried to always minimsie my processing time.  However, I would like to expand the creative possibilities that processing offers.



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Landscape, Nature


Landscape, Nature

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