Who We Are


What is the Canadian Chapter of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS)?

The Canadian Chapter is one of 19 international chapters within the oldest national photographic society in the world and the oldest photographic society in continual existence since its foundation in 1853. Becoming a member is therefore a question of becoming part of a prestigious photographic club.

What We Do?

The Royal Photographic Society promotes the Art and Science of Photography. It offers various levels of distinction that are recognised all over the world. It can give you credentials should you work in the area of photography.

How We Work?

Membership is open to everyone interested in Photography. You can be an amateur or professional, artist or scientist, young or old. As a member of the Society you can also join one or more of our 14 special interest groups.

In Canada, you can either become a member of the Canadian Chapter or join the Royal Photographic Society directly in the UK.

What will it mean to a newcomer, to become a member of the Canadian Chapter?

The first membership would allow you to receive the bi-monthly newsletter/magazine, participate in competitions and get reduced prices for photographic equipment at various outlets in Canada.

The second membership allows you to apply for distinctions and if successful add LRPS/ARPS or FRPS to you name which provides you with credentials that are recognised all over the world. You will also receive the Society’s monthly magazine The Journal.

What are the top 5 reasons to become a Canadian Chapter member?

  • To apply for distinctions and achieve some formal recognition for your work (if you are a student and if you have completed a BA in Arts or any other photography related subject you will get ARPS automatically with your graduation. So not only your BA but also a distinction that is recognised all over the world). There are handbooks you can download that explain to you all that is involved in applying for a distinction.
  • To become part of the oldest society in the world and to connect with like minded people.
  • To take part in competitions and in exhibitions, something that is very difficult to do when you are a newcomer in the world of exhibitions. The annual RPS exhibition is a huge exhibition that if you are selected to participate can give your career in photography a boost.
  • You can get discounts on photographic stuff.
  • You can upload images to the RPS members portfolio section that allows your images to be seen by a much wider audience and by and audience that comes from a photographic background.