About Us

Welcome to the Dubai Chapter of The Royal Photographic Society.

The RPS Dubai Chapter, formed in August 2015 aims to promote the vision of The Royal Photographic Society and to cater to the needs of its members from all nationalities residing in this region. The objective is to build a community of like-minded members passionate about photography and seriously interested to strive hard towards photographic growth. The RPS Photography Distinctions and Exhibitions would be the most important aspiration for the members.

We intend to hold meetings, distinction advisory sessions, tours, workshops, invited lectures, possibly hold an annual Exhibition, and liaise with The RPS in the UK.

In the recent past Dubai has gradually gained momentum to be recognized as a great travel destination. For photographers there are many subjects of interest to photograph. We therefore welcome contact from RPS members from all over the world. If you are visiting Dubai send us a mail and we will be happy to help.

Thanks for visiting and Good Light to you.