Snow at Stowe?

19 July 2019

Region: East Anglia

Image above courtesy of Barry Badcock ARPS

In July we had a field trip to Stowe in Buckinghamshire.  Twenty seven photographers made the trip to the National Trust Gardens from as far a field as Ely and the Cotswolds.

During the week we were all keeping our eyes on the weather forecast.  The day looked more than favourable with temperatures of 25 degrees.  Accuweather said no chance of Snow.  What Accuweather did not know was that we were planning to take a number of Infrared cameras with us.  It may be 25 degrees but IR does provide a snowy look.

The gardens allowed the group to split up a little more than normal and we all found our own little space.

with 250 acres to explore maps were essesential.

As is the case with all camera folk, regular breaks must be taken.

and then there is the pack up to be eaten.........

followed by cake.......

We did mange to take some photographs too.

Here are the subjects to help with theme the gallery.  

1. Parallel

2. Out of Focus

3. Detail

4. Water & Sky

5. Taken Inside

6. A colour image with no green

7. Circular

8. Creative

9. The Photographers Choice

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