28 June 2016

Region: Southern



I took this photo at Telegraph Cove in the northeast of Vancouver Island, Canada. It had been raining so the rusty metal had a lovely patina to it. I moved in close using my Canon 5d MkIII and 17 - 40mm lens set at 17mm so the truck would be right ‘in your face’.

The image was processed in Adobe Lightroom software. Here, I applied 100% clarity, 32 % vibrance, reduced the highlights by 88% and lightened the shadows slider by 54%. This was all intended to make the truck really stand out, however I found the background building and vegetation very bright and distracting.

To counteract this, I took the image into Adobe Photoshop CS and created a duplicate layer, which I then converted to black & white. A few tweaks to the contrast and then with a soft eraser, I rubbed out the area over the truck, leaving the coloured image below to show through. Finally, I flattened the image and back into Adobe Lightroom for a quick check and a small amount of sharpening.

Chuck Eccleston ARPS


Image © Chuck Eccleston ARPS


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28 June 2016

This is brilliant, very well done, I like it, it certainly does bring out the colours. Thank You for sharing it with us.

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