Yorkshire Region Volunteer Day

20 January 2019

Region: Yorkshire

During 2018 Nicola Young the recent Volunteer Manager announced that there was an opportunity for all Regions and Groups to submit an application for a Team Volunteer Event. Obviously there were certain criteria’s to be met, but in essence, it was to give something back to the volunteers of the Society.

I thought long and hard and even left this to the very last minute to discuss with the regional committee or even submit an application, which at the time thought it wasn’t anything special as a team event.

The event we settled with was a team day of photography with a selected aspect and workshop leader – Architectural photography with Craig Magee.

The committee agreed that not only the committee members would be part of this team day, but also we would include some of our most ardent volunteers to join us on the day.  A thing as a committee we do not get time for is to do something together, it may seem easy, but with all the events we are involved in for the region, and most also being involved with other organizations it is difficult to get any time we are all together at any one given time.

To my utter surprise, we met the criteria and the application was granted, now the work begins. Although we were through the first process, it was now a matter of actually organizing the event to take place in the time frame given of a couple of months.

The first being to actually agree on availability and a date with Craig Magee to run the workshop, once that and everything was in place and agreed for the date, venues etc… all we had to do was turn up on the day.

Craig Magee has run similar successful workshops in Liverpool, initially we were considering Liverpool would be a good backdrop for our day, but after a couple of email conversations, it was decided that Leeds could offer just as many architectural opportunities and it would not require too much travelling for the attendees on the day. So, Leeds, it was.

The date was October 25th and started at the Tetley Gallery in Leeds, Craig had prepared a presentation of his work architecture and interiors around the world, beautiful correlation between the relationship and connections made in his subject matter. After which we were given a short demonstration on shooting interiors before going out into the city to try our hand at achieving something considered impressive or notable.

After a spot of lunch we were out there, highlights in the city were Victoria Gate, Victoria Quarter, the Leeds Corn Exchange, and the Waterfront all with typically attractive interiors and scenery. All of which Craig spent one to one time with all of us individually guiding us through some of the context and how to turn the proposition of an idea to the actual imagery.

Finally, after a couple of hours of photography, we all headed back to the Tetley, for Craig to share more revelations in post processing images to create an appealing brochure style configuration. The HOW TO and what to avoid with such images, some small changes can make a big difference if you know what to look for and know how to make relevant changes without affecting the image drastically or over processing.

Here is a selection of images from the day, with everyone having a different way of considering the visual appearance:

Leeds Corn Exchange, Brian Crossland LRPS.

Victoria Gate, Craig McGee.

Brewery Wharfe, David B. Hall.

Victoria Gate, Geoff Blackwell ARPS.

County Arcade, Robert Helliwell ARPS.

The feedback from everyone was an overwhelming success, we hadn’t expected such a mix of activity on the day, we all took something away from the day and it achieved what it was initially set out to do, a team day together, sharing knowledge, skills and thoughts about photography.

Committee members –
Robert Helliwell ARPS
Brian Crossland LRPS
David B Hall
Mary Crowther ARPS

Invitees –
David Kershaw ARPS
Geoff Blackwell ARPS

Sally Sallett ARPS [unavailable on the day]
Nigel Plant ARPS [unavailable on the day]