Frans Lanting argues photography can help save the planet

17 May 2018

The RPS Journal

Wildlife photographer Frans Lanting HonFRPS explains how the power of the lens can help conserve vulnerable species and environments.

"As a nature photographer for almost 40 years, I have always made raising awareness of endangered species and habitats an integral part of my work. My background is in environmental economics, so I've seen photography as a way to bear witness and to document.

I have not only focused on the beauty of the natural world, but also on the significance of the natural world as a support system for humanity.

We know so much more about the world than we did when I started out. We now truly understand how the actions of people in one part of the world will have consequences for people and environments on the other side of the globe."

So how do nature photographers help protect and conserve the natural world? Is it more effective to show nature in its pristine state, or the damage being done?

And does this work reduce the risk to species and environments, or actually put them in further danger by drawing attention to them.

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Picture copyright: Frans Lanting HonFRPS