Print Exhibition


Entries are invited each year for the DI Group's Print Competition. Every entrant is guaranteed at least one acceptance into the Group's touring Members' Exhibition. Prints are selected at the Group's Annual General Meeting by a panel of three eminent photographers, who also choose the RPS Medal and Trophy winner and the six RPS Ribbon winners. Selected images are published in DIGIT.


Our Exhibition Secretary is Sue Totham.  Contact Sue at


The 2019 Print Exhibition took place on the 24th February 2019

Winning images are shown below

The full list of accepted images is below


First name Surname Distinctions TITLE
David Alderson LRPS Mack the Knife
Yip Antony ARPS Galloping
Philip Antrobus FRPS Little Owl
Susan Ashford LRPS Wild Garlic Flower Head
Mary Auckland ARPS Salisbury Cathedral
Janine Ball LRPS The Hairdressers
Zoltan Balogh LRPS The Computer Scientist
Keith Bamber   Kings College Chapel Cambridge
Philip  Barker ARPS Concubine
Paul Bather  ARPS Carry the Fire
Geoffrey Beer LRPS Home is in sight
Michael Berkeley LRPS Stumps and Bails
Doug Berndt ARPS Shag throwing seaweed
Geoffrey Bicknell LRPS Unexpected Grafiti
Malcolm Blackburn ARPS Little Owls
Alan Bousfield ARPS When Glencoe Landscape and Rock Come Together
Fay Bowles  ARPS Warreners Cottage
Robert Bracher ARPS The Green Bicycle
Theresa Bradley   Aurora
Barrie Brown LRPS Tiger Mimic Queen Lycorea halia
Nick Browne LRPS Where did it all go wrong
John Bull LRPS Running
Kim Bybjerg LRPS Cigar rolling hands
Andrew Carothers LRPS Megalithic Dawn
Barrie Castle LRPS Colgne cathedral at night
Antoinette  Castro  LRPS Linden A Lewis
Melanie Chalk ARPS Old and Worn
Ashwin Chauhan ARPS Victorian children
Jenni Cheesman   Fading fast
Avril Christensen   Swimming with Icebergs
Agnes Clark LRPS Blue Glass
Colin Close LRPS Smooth Operator
Brian  Collins ARPS Girl on a train
Alan Collins LRPS Bee and Lavender
Clare Collins LRPS Puri Pot Porter
Brian Connolly   The American Falls Niagara
Brian Cooke ARPS Cloud over Taransay
Alan Cork LRPS Boat of Remembrance
Jonathan Cowdock LRPS Blizzard in Littondale
Mike  Cowdrey ARPS Reed Walker
Alan Cross LRPS Hayward Gallery - Always Read the Label
David Cummings ARPS Disko Bay Greenland
Neil  Davidson LRPS Golden Hour in New York
Guy  Davies ARPS Tyne Bridges at Night
Paula Davies FRPS Dales Winter
Chris Dixon ARPS Asteroid Belt
Sue Dixon LRPS Flamingo and Feathers
Barbara Dudley ARPS All set
Alan G Edwards ARPS Femme Fatale
Jocelyn Edwards LRPS Maccaw
Simon Elsy   Bridge and Rocks
Niall Ferguson LRPS The Tyre Shop
Allan James Fisher LRPS Puffin Kiss
James Foad LRPS Firecrest lillies
Michael Foley LRPS Searching for the Surf
Glyn  Fonteneau LRPS Baker Street Station
Margaret Ford LRPS White Tulip
Maurice Ford LRPS Tulip
Palli Gajree Hon FRPS Contemporary Mooriings
William George LRPS Bronze Lady
Mark Gillett   Flamant Rose
Sue Goldberg LRPS Fingers
Meyrick Griffith-Jones   Reflections on a River Borrowdale 2018
Janet Haines ARPS Even tide
Ian Hardacre   Dancing Lily
Glynis Harrison LRPS Two chairs and a lamp
Sheila  Haycox ARPS Broken
Anthony Healy ARPS Moonrise
Elaine Herbert ARPS Bark detail
Roger Hinton LRPS Balancing the books
Chas Hockin  LRPS Blue and gold
Roger Holman ARPS Advancing years
Ron  Holmes ARPS Walkies
John Hoskins ARPS Curious Look
David Hughes ARPS Ermine
Sue Hutton LRPS A splash of red
Peter Hyett ARPS Dated Items
Kevin James LRPS After sunset - Widemouth Bay
Peter Jarvis LRPS Lighting the fire
Ken Johnson LRPS Spectral reflections No. 40
Paul Johnson LRPS Return of Celestial Dawn
Bob Johnston ARPS Icy Isolation
Rob Kershaw ARPS Beach Hut Rainbow
James Kirkland LRPS Spiral Down
Louise Knaresborough   Reflections of Rio
Dennis Knowles   Steampunk
Richard Lavery LRPS Steel, Glass and Stone
Eric Leeson LRPS White Orchid
Janet Leeson   Introducing Bearded Iris
Carole Lewis ARPS Tangled Trees
John Lewis LRPS Deep in Thought
Kevin Liu   A pupil doing her homework
Mike  Lloyd ARPS Infinity and beyond
Chris Maidens LRPS January Sun
Carl Mason ARPS Mommy's Boy
Don McCrae ARPS Enchantment - II
Peter McFadyen   Austin 7
Peter McLean LRPS Wastwater
Max Melvin ARPS Reclaimed corrugated roofing
Seshi Middela LRPS Blencathra
Tony Milman   Gulliver's Graffiti
Jo Monro ARPS Figure in the Rain
Doug Morehead LRPS Egyptian Bakery
David Morement   Timid Fallow Deer
Alison Morris ARPS Early Morning Mist Over Rice Terraces, Vietnam
Roy Morris ARPS Yellow dawn at Yellowstone
Kenneth  Ness ARPS Gone Fishing
Patricia Ness   Japanese Style No2
Angus Nisbet   Procession
Wendy North LRPS Steam Rising Geysir1
David Oldfield FRPS Looming Storm
Daan Olivier FRPS Zebra
Collette Patto   Ladies Polo
Janice Payne ARPS Walking the line
David  Pearson ARPS The Attendant
Pauline  Pentony ARPS Painted dress
Chris Perfect ARPS Winter Wonderland
John Perriam  ARPS Homeward Bound
Kathryn Phillips LRPS Impressions of Rhossili
Chris Pike LRPS I don't like carrots
Trevor Pogson LRPS Fly Agaric
John Price ARPS Where's the coach
Martin  Ridout LRPS Lighting up time
Judith Rolfe LRPS Silhouettes over Ullswater
Mike  Rowe  FRPS Penguins in Sandstorm
Dennis Russ LRPS Three Chimneys
Katherine Rynor LRPS Rent now NYC
Fiona Senior FRPS Brimham Rocks
Barry Senior Hon FRPS Rutland Water
Lynn Short   Blind Date
Robert  Smith LRPS Clare
Lindsay Southgate LRPS Snowy sand dunes at Vesturhorn, Iceland
Patsy Southwell ARPS The Beach at Bognor Regis
Tony Spooner ARPS Winter Playtime
Cliff Spooner LRPS American Flamingo
Michael Spurway LRPS Silver birches
Peter Stevens ARPS The Crowd
Peter Stickler ARPS Fading rose
Simon Street LRPS Stand and Stare
Marilyn Taylor ARPS Isolated
Neill Taylor LRPS On the footbridge
Richard Taylor   Baywalk
David Thomas ARPS Dream Catcher
Ian Thompson ARPS Peaking through the mist
John Tilsey ARPS Approach
Sue Totham   A watchful cheetah
Jonathan Vaines LRPS Gardeners Question Time
Sue Vaines LRPS The passage of time
Ton van der Laan LRPS Waterfall
Gavin Wallace LRPS Magpie's perch
Dee Wareham   Decaying tulip
Rex Waygood   Skye Light
David Whitehead LRPS Perch Rock Lighthouse
Anne Whiteley LRPS Glencoe Burn
Norman Wiles ARPS The Unseeing Eye
Carol  Wiles LRPS Steam Pump
Eileen  Wilkinson ARPS Anemones
Andrew Williams LRPS Take Flight
Alan Witley   Goat's Beard, Tragopogon pratensis
Baron Woods FRPS Woodland light
Diana  Wynn   Footprints in the sand
Raymond Yardley LRPS Simple pleasures


Print Exhibition Trophy

The 'Chairman's Cup' for the DI Group's annual Print Exhibition

The winners over the years ...

  • 2019: Sue Dixon LRPS
  • 2018: Margaret Ford LRPS
  • 2017: David Thomas ARPS
  • 2016: Roger Hinton LRPS
  • 2015: David Thomas ARPS
  • 2014: Valentina Koulagina ARPS
  • 2013: Brian Beaney FRPS
  • 2012: Bill Wisden HonFRPS
  • 2011: Christine Langford LRPS
  • 2010: Brian Beaney FRPS
  • 2009: Brian Beaney FRPS
  • 2008: Geoff Lea LRPS
  • 2007: Stanley Newton ARPS
  • 2006: Brian Beaney FRPS
  • 2005: Eric Bower ARPS
  • 2004: Clive R Haynes FRPS
  • 2003: John Colmer ARPS
  • 2002: Eric Bower ARPS
  • 2001: D Coombes ARPS