DIG Thames Valley

  • Camargue Horses

    by Debra Coleman

  • Whale Shark with Pilot Fishes and Remoras

    by Len Deeley FRPS

  • Great Wall of China

    by Kaiyu Lu LRPS

The Thames Valley Centre holds eight full day Sunday events a year with a break in the summer. These are a mixture of tutorial, educational, practical and competition sessions, with some of the most experienced names in the world of digital photography, and cover a wide range of skill levels. Read more→


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25 March 2019

So just what is Documentary photography?

Janey Devine FRPS presents a day about Documentary Photography to the DI Group Thames Valley Centre on 24 March 2019

18 February 2019

A panorama of landscapes

Jeremy Walker talks to the DIG Thames Valley Centre on 17 February 2019


Alan Bousfield ARPS

DIG Thames Valley Centre Organiser
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