Adding & Editing Albums

To Add an Album

Images can be any size although the website will resize them so it's recommended that you don’t add images larger than about 800 pixels wide or high.

Click here to Login or Register if you have not already done so then close that Tab/Window and return to this one.

Click here to visit the 'Add an Album' page.

NOTE - To allow other users to view the album, amend the Privacy Settings

While you are adding your album (as above), make sure you select ‘RPS Members and non-members can see this album’ or ‘Only RPS members can see this album’. If you select the latter option, only Members who are logged into the website will be able to see your album on the Galleries page.

Be sure to check the Travel Box for your Gallery if it is Travel related.

To Edit an Album

If you Login to the RPS website and visit your Album you will find an option to 'Edit this album'. The choice at the top of the list is 'Add/Remove/Reorder images'. Click that and you'll be able to change the titles, add images etc. then Submit the Album.

Below each album on the Galleries page you will notice the photographer’s name. Some of these will be coloured blue – if you click on those that are blue, you will be taken to a page of information about that person which has been drawn from the information they have added in My RPS. This can include things such as a link to your own website, something you have written about yourself, the Distinction you hold if you have one and links to your other albums. Again, you can decide who can view this page (if anyone) by going to My RPS > clicking on the blue My Profile tab > scrolling down to Profile Privacy > and then clicking on Edit Details and choosing one of the options under Profile Access.
Include your contact details or website to allow anyone who is interested in using your work to contact you. If you are contacted by someone who would like to use one of your images and you want to charge them but are unsure of what to charge you may find this site very useful as a guide to make sure you are paid fairly:, but please remember that if you are paid for your work you will also be liable to pay your own tax on the money you earn.